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Take control
of your experiences

The Potions Lab platform lets you manage your experiments independently and measure the impact of Potions on your KPIs.


Discover exclusive insights into your products

Potions Lab provides you with exclusive indicators on your products, enabling you to discover which items to highlight and which to de-emphasize.

LAB Potions platform mockup
LAB Potions platform mockup


Add and modify your experiences in just a few clicks

For each of your experiences and locations, configure the display conditions for your products directly from the Lab, by selecting dynamic algorithms and rules.

LAB Potions platform


Analyze the impact of Potions on your indicators

Potions Lab gives you access to a wide range of performance indicators to measure the impact of experiences on your site, on desktop and mobile. You can set up A/B tests and track results directly from the Lab.


Connect your tools to Potions to exploit its full potential

Potions integrates with your CMS, Analytics and Marketing Automation tools. Connect them directly from Potions Lab.

Potions integration LAB

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