Intelligent and automated e-merchandising solution


Sort your list pages smartly and automatically

The products on your list pages are organised to generate the best performance. The ordering is controlled to the finest detail to display the most relevant products to each visitor while taking into account your business rules.

Implement smart merchandising strategies to achieve your business goals

Display the most relevant products in your list pages by combining multiple algorithms and business rules:


Add personalisation to show your visitors the products they want to see

Predict your users' needs thanks to personalization algorithms:

Let us work
for you

Benefit from high-performance e-merchandising without any resources needed on your side. No back-office, no manual sorting: we define together upstream the algorithms and business rules to be applied, we develop the solution for you and all you have to do is set a tag to activate the solution.

visual potions

In addition to saving us precious time through automation, Potions brings intelligence to our merchandising through extremely fine and relevant rules.

Dorian Candavoine Digital Director, Balibaris

    Discover how e-merchandising improves
    performance for e-retailers


    Balibaris is a brand of men's ready-to-wear clothing

    Conversion rate significantly increased vs n-1 thanks to e-merchandising