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We surround ourselves with key players in the e-commerce ecosystem, with the aim of constantly improving our response to the needs of e-tailers. We develop partnerships with a long-term vision to bring value to our joint customers.

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We're very pleased with our partnership with Potions, which enables us to offer our customers an effective and innovative solution for increasing their conversions. Potions' technology is powerful and flexible, the teams are responsive and the tool is intuitive, so it's with complete confidence that we offer our customers the opportunity to fine-tune their user experience with Potions.

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We carefully select the agencies with whom we identify in terms of strategic vision and quality of service, and forge close working relationships with them, based on training, product and process.


We deploy product integrations with the tools used by our customers, to offer them a fluid and complete experience, and thus increase their usage value.

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We create synergies with other players in the e-commerce ecosystem to develop high value-added content and events for e-tailers.

Becoming a Potions partner means :

To be associated with a vision of the evolution of e-commerce in general, and of technologies that use user data in particular.

Position ourselves on high standards in terms of service quality and demonstrate a strong desire to meet the needs of e-tailers.

Rely on a durable, high-performance technology that has won over the most prestigious e-tailers.

Get involved in a partnership with a committed, motivated team eager to combine performance and good humor.

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