we are

We help dozens of online retailers improve their revenues thanks to cookieless personalization tools.

We created Potions to improve the user experience while preserving their privacy.

Our values

We believe that work is first and foremost a source of personal fulfillment. We are driven by the values that make up the Potions corporate culture.

Openness and diversity

We encourage and promote diversity and openness to all cultures and origins on a daily basis.

Respect for
personal life

Privacy is precious. That's why we give time to personal projects and we open home office to everyone according to their needs, preferences and desires.

Demanding of self and others

We see problems as challenges and we celebrate when we succeed in addressing them. We make progress individually through the input of others.


We believe that the company should be a welcoming, warm, and even a funny place to live !

The co-founders

Julien Vinckel


Paul Wourlod


Vincent Gauche


Our networks &
partner organizations

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