General questions

Most of our potions are based on algorithms that need a certain amount of data to ensure good performance. We therefore recommend that you use our potions if your site has at least 20,000 unique visitors per month.

The impact of our potions is transparently measured directly in Google Analytics: we send events that track the interactions between your visitors and our potions. So you have all the information in real time, down to the last click.

You will also have access at all times to our performance monitoring platform which summarises the measured impacts of our potions (usage rate, revenue per user generated, impact on your business, etc).

To set up one of our potions on your site, it is very simple: all we need is read access to Google Analytics to develop your potion. Depending on the potion you choose, our teams will develop the mock-ups of your potion in line with your graphic charter, so that it integrates perfectly to your website.

Then we deliver a tag that you can place using Google Tag Manager, for example.

Once the tag is placed, the potion is activated instantly. No human intervention is required for the potions to work properly.


We charge a fixed amount each month depending on the number of unique visitors your site receives and the number of potions you have activated.

Contact us for more details.

No set-up costs. You only pay once the potion is up and running on your site.

Our solutions are all free of charge and without commitment: you can test for the first month and then decide whether or not to keep the solution.

In addition, for some of our potions and provided that the traffic of your site is significant (>100kuv per month), it is possible to set up an optional A/B test.

Yes, you get a 30% discount for any additional potion.

At Potions, there is no commitment: you can decide to stop each month, without any penalty.

Technical questions

Potions uses the principles of Edge Computing. All the browsing data used to personalise the UX, as well as the personalisation rules, are stored locally in the user's browser. It is therefore :

  • Faster because there is no data exchange with a server: the potions respond instantly, which is good for both the user experience and SEO
  • Cheaper because no one pays for the storage of the data
  • More respectful of privacy because users are never identified and their data never leaves their browser
  • More long-term because not challenged by the regulations on personal data protection (RGPD and e-privacy)

Our tag loads asynchronously after the other resources and does not involve any data storage thanks to edge computing, so it has no impact on loading.

For websites that were using other personalization features before Potions, our solutions can even improve loading speed since our technology no longer involves data exchange with an external server.

Our solutions are compatible with absolutely all CMS (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, WShop, Weebly, OpenCart, Wix...) as well as with home-coded sites.

Cookies and data privacy

Based on the principles of Edge Computing, our features only use browser databases to store, analyse, enrich and activate browsing data locally, without sending data or cookies. This allows us to personalize the user experience while respecting their privacy.

Aucune donnée personnelle n’est collectée, ni par Potions, ni par le site e-commerce pour l’utilisation de nos potions.

The Potions tag does not deposit any cookies and does not use any cookies to function. However, it can be affiliated with a "tracker" because it uses the browser's databases (IndexedDB) to store browsing information on Internet users.

The technologies used by Potions are privacy friendly and therefore "on the safe side", however, it is prudent to list Potions in your CMP, and to declare us as subcontractors.