Prerequisites to use Potions

Our personalization experiences are recommended for sites with at least €1M in sales.

Our Catalog pack experiments (E-merchandising and personalized recommendations ) areparticularly relevant from 100 product references. The effectiveness of our Audience pack experiments does not depend on the number of references.


To set up one of our experiments on your site, you will only have to perform the following 5 actions:

  1. Share read access to your analytics solution
  2. Provide the API key or a product feed depending on your CMS
  3. Install the Potions module, application or tag according to your CMS
  4. Validate the specifications made by Potions
  5. Validate the final rendering on a test environment generated by Potions

It takes an average of 5 weeks between the validation of the project and its production on your site.

As soon as the project is validated, a Product Owner and a Customer Success Manager will contact you and accompany you throughout your collaboration with Potions.

Performance measurement

Potions customers have access to the Lab, a dashboard that summarizes the measured impacts of our solutions (usage rate, revenue per user generated, impact on your conversions, tracking of generated revenue, AB tests, etc.).

The data used to measure performance is also fed into your analytics tool so that you can perform your own analyses. Our data teams are at your disposal to train you on how to read and use this data.

A/B tests can beset up at any time. They can be launched at the time of initial Potions production or during the course of the collaboration. A/B tests can be used to measure the impact of Potions against a competing solution or to compare the performance of two algorithms, two locations or two designs.

You can also use a third party solution to conduct your AB tests. We usually connect to tools like AB Tasty or Kameleoon for example.


We charge a flat fee each month that varies depending on the experience package you choose (Potions Catalog, Potions Audience or Potions Full) and the level of functionality and tracking you want. Contact us for more details.

Potions does not charge setup fees, and billing only begins when the experiments are up and running on your site.

Our experiments are all free of charge and without commitment: you can test during the first month and then decide to keep the experiment or not.

At Potions, there is no commitment: you can decide to stop at the end of each month, without any penalty.

It is possible to choose only certain experiences from our packages.


Potions uses the principles of Edge Computing. All the navigation data used to personalize the UX, as well as the personalization rules, are stored locally in the user's browser. Therefore, it is :

  • Faster because there is no data going back and forth with a server: the potions work instantly, which is good both for the user experience and for SEO
  • Cheaper because no one pays for the storage of the data
  • More respectful of privacy because visitors are never identified and their data never leaves their browser
  • More sustainable because not challenged by the regulations on personal data protection (GDPR and e-privacy)

Our tag loads asynchronously after the other resources and does not involve any data storage thanks to edge computing, so it has no impact on loading.

For websites that were using other personalisation features before Potions, our features can even be said to improve loading speed as our technology no longer involves data exchange with an external server.

Our features are compatible with absolutely all CMS (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, WShop, Weebly, OpenCart, Wix...) as well as with home-coded websites.

Cookies and data protection

Based on the principles of Edge Computing, our features use only browser databases to store, analyse, enrich and activate browsing data locally, without sending data and without cookies. This allows us to personalise the user experience while respecting their privacy.

No personal data is collected, neither by Potions, nor by the e-commerce site for the use of our solutions.

The Potions tag does not deposit any cookies and does not use any cookies to function. However, it can be affiliated with a "tracker" because it uses the browser's databases (IndexedDB) to store browsing information on Internet users.

The technologies used by Potions are privacy friendly and therefore "on the safe side", however, it is prudent to list Potions in your CMP, and to declare us as a subcontractor.

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