Find out how Leo and Violet has increased its average basket with Multiply



The average basket


by +10%


The share of small leather goods in sales increased by 33%.

The challenge

When Léo et Violette approached Potions, the brand was looking to make its visitors discover more products, with the goal of increasing their average basket and sales.

The solution

During one month, we set up a test of the Multiply solution on their Shopify site. When a visitor adds a product to the shopping cart, a message is displayed to confirm the addition and at the same time offers several products to complete the look.


To define the rules for displaying complementary products, Léo et Violette has used its expertise to propose relevant associations. For example, when the visitor puts a woman's handbag in the shopping cart, the pop-up offers small leather goods of lower value (wallet, pocket, etc.) in the same color as the bag. In this way, the chances of generating impulse purchases are optimized.

Multiply in action on the Léo & Violette website

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The result

As soon as the solution was implemented, the brand saw a growth in its average basket and an increase in sales of small leather goods. The effectiveness of Multiply was thus proven and Léo and Violette subscribed to the solution at the end of the test phase.

The defined pricing is a fixed monthly fee calculated on the value generated during the test phase. Profitability is therefore guaranteed for Leo and Violette.

Beyond the concrete results on turnover, the Léo and Violette teams appreciated the simplicity of the solution's implementation: nothing to do but to put a tag in via Google Tag Manager.

The benefits of multiply

  • relevant and automated recommendations
    100% data based
  • visible to 100% of customers
    displayed when adding a product to the cart, no need to scroll
  • incentive
    indicates the amount remaining to be spent to get free shipping
  • seamless
    the recommended product can be added to the cart without passing through the product page
  • high-performance
    top display speed, no impact on site loading speed

About Léo & Violette

The Léo et Violette brand was created in 2013 by a young Parisian couple. Noble materials, artisanal manufacturing and total transparency are the ingredients that have enabled the brand to quickly become a reference in the high-end leather goods sector.

Although present in retail, the brand was born on the internet and it is still the e-commerce site that generates most of the company's turnover.

Since its inception, the Léo et Violette team has made it a point of honor to offer its visitors, both online and retail, the best possible sales experience.

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