Find out how Wonderbox optimized its user experience with Potions



The conversion rate


by +9%


The average basket


by +2%

The challenge

When Wonderbox's digital teams call on Potions, they are looking for answers to two challenges :

- optimize the targeting of its online promotional campaigns to improve their profitability

- Simplify the purchase path to increase conversions

The solutions

To improve the effectiveness of its couponing campaigns, the site implements the Switch feature. 

Rather than displaying a 100% audience discount, Switch allows you to target only undecided users. Each euro invested is therefore intended to convert a visitor who would not have bought without a price reduction,

Switch's algorithm analyzes in real time the behavior of visitors who browse the Wonderbox site. Depending on their actions (number of page views, time spent on the site, mouse movements), visitors who appear to be about to leave the site without having converted are detected. 

To turn these undecided visitors into customers, Switch offers them a 10% discount on all the boxes on the site. The discount is automatically integrated into the shopping cart.

Like all Potions solutions, Switch has the advantage of being installed in just a few clicks.

The Wonderbox site was able to precisely parameterize the modalities of the discount voucher: its value, its validity period, the pop-up format and its design.

To simplify the purchasing process and increase conversions, Wonderbox is implementing Propulse. 

Indeed, the site offers a wide range of boxes with various characteristics that need to be carefully studied. For the visitor, the navigation on the site can thus be long and require several research sessions before making his choice.

Wonderbox decides to set up Propulse in order to facilitate the navigation of its visitors. Each visitor who has started a box search during a previous visit is offered to resume his search where he had stopped it last time. 

Wherever he was on the site (category page, product page, checkout page), Propulse brings the visitor as close as possible to the conversion.

The result

At the end of the month of A/B free test,

- Switch increased the conversion rate by +9%. The average basket also increased by +2%.

The solution has been deployed on all the group's sites.

- Propulse increased revenue per user by +6% for returning visitors.

The benefits of SWITCH

  • Generates additional conversion opportunities
  • Improves the ROI of online promotional campaigns

The benefits of Propulse

  • Reduces the number of steps before conversion
  • Saves completed and non-validated forms
  • Improves the visitor experience

About Wonderbox

Wonderbox is the European leader in gift boxes and the specialist in the sale of leisure activities on the Internet.

With nearly 450 employees and a turnover of 250 million euros, Wonderbox boxes are distributed in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the USA.

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