A personalized UX that boosts conversions and sales: the case study of the Patyka brand

More fluid and relevant UX that generates more revenue
Saves time for Patyka's teams by eliminating manual sorting

Improved user experience and brand image

Context & Challenges

Organic and natural cosmetics, a niche market that has now become a mass market, remains the leading growth driver for beauty in France(source xerfi). The Patyka brand, created in 2002, is a pioneer in this market and is enjoying dynamic growth, both in France and internationally.


Distributed in more than 2000 physical outlets (parapharmacies and selective distribution), Patyka is also marketed via its own online sales site, for which it has great ambitions.

In 2022, Patyka's management launched a digital acceleration project, focusing in particular on redesigning the user experience of its e-shop to boost its performance.

Determined to offer its visitors a shopping experience worthy of the highest standards in the market, Patyka is equipping itself with a set of Potions experiences to transform and personalize its shopping journey:

- Intelligent and automated e-merchandising
- Personalised product recommendations
- Recently viewed products
- Abandoned shopping carts
- Automatic authentication

Potions has transformed the shopping experience on our site. We are already seeing significant time savings due to automation as well as a drastic improvement in the UX. Potions' support has been top notch throughout the implementation.

Cindy Calloc'h
Cindy Calloc'H

Digital & E-commerce Project Manager, Patyka


> E-merchandising

According to the Digital Experience Benchmark 2023 published by Contentsquare, Internet users making an online purchase consult around 20% of category pages during their visit. These are therefore strategic steps in a session, which play a determining role in the conversion of a visitor into a customer.


This is particularly true for sites with a large product catalog, whose challenge is to order their list pages in such a way as to position the products with the highest sales potential at the top of the list.


In Patyka's case, the teams were manually piloting the scheduling of their category pages using Shopify's back office, which was time-consuming and did not allow for optimal scheduling.


One of the priorities was therefore to acquire a sorting tool that was both automated and intelligent in order to save time and achieve better performance in terms of conversions.


Each category can be sorted differently. Below is an example of the rules used by some of them:

Block 1: Displays the top 4 selling products in the category.

Block 2: displays available products sorted according to a score taking into account:

  • sales of the last 14 days (80%)
  • recency (20%)

Block 3: Displays unavailable products sorted by best seller score


Thus, the classification of the products within the list pages is automatically and daily modified to respect this sorting rule, thus guaranteeing the best relevance of the offer.

> Customized product recommendations

The cross-sell is a must-have in e-commerce to generate additional sales, but it is necessary to adopt a good strategy to guarantee results.

As for e-merchandising, Patyka's teams historically relied on Shopify's cross-sell modules to integrate product recommendation blocks on the brand's eshop.

By calling on Potions, the brand hopes to gain in efficiency on the cross-sell thanks to more locations and especially recommendation algorithms better adapted to their challenges.


During the project scoping phase, the brand chose to display its blocks in different locations in order to cover all stages of the customer journey:

→ in the category pages

→ in the product pages

→ when adding a product to the cart

→ in the shopping cart page


Each location is animated by an algorithm adapted to the stage of the shopping path to present visitors with the products most likely to interest them:

Patyka product recommendation category page

Category page

Top sales of the most purchased category with the visited category

Patyka product recommendation product page

Product page

Most viewed products with the viewed product

Patyka product recommendation add to cart

Add cart

Most purchased products with last added product

Patyka product recommendation shopping cart page

Basket page

Produits les plus achetés avec le produit le plus cher du panier, dont le prix est <80% du montant total du panier

> Recently Viewed Products

To accompany visitors throughout their session and help them make a choice from the vast product catalog, Patyka implements the solution of recall of the products consulted. Presented as a fixed bar at the bottom of the screen, the thumbnails of the visited product pages are displayed in real time as the user's session progresses.

When hovering over the thumbnails, a window opens with the product's image, name, price and a button to add it directly to the cart.

This way, the user keeps an accessible record of the items they have liked, making it easier to compare and decide.

At the end of the journey, this reminder will naturally encourage the user to complete his basket before checking out.

> Resumption of the course

On average, a user visits a site three to five times before converting. To encourage visitors who come back after a first visit to finalize their order, Patyka has equipped itself with the re-routing. It consists in displaying to returning visitors a call-to-action to propose them to resume their navigation where they had interrupted it the last time.

Several scenarios have been planned to maximize the effectiveness of the solution:

  • If the returning visitor had not added a product to their cart on their last visit, the call to action that proposes to review the last product page they visited.
  • If he had at least one product in his cart, he is sent back to the cart page directly in order to bring him as close as possible to conversion.

> Resumption of the course

Visitors are tempted to stop browsing or even abandon their shopping cart when they forget their password.


To reduce the number of abandoned carts and maximize the number of logged sessions, Patyka implements automatic authentication.

The login is executed without any action from the visitor and all information is automatically pre-filled, thus promoting maximum conversions.

Video Demo

Implementation and management

The Potions web design team developed the design of the experiences to blend in perfectly with Patyka's graphic universe. Thanks to a preview link, Patyka's teams were able to visualize how the experiences would integrate in real conditions on the site before the solutions were deployed in production.

To work, Potions connects to existing analytics tools, in this case Google Analytics and and Shopify Analytics. Based on historical transactions and audience behaviors, Potions trains its models and implements them directly into Shopify.

Patyka teams have access to a platform that allows them to easily create or modify the parameters of their experiences and then implement them directly on the site.

The platform also allows you to measure the results of all Potions experiments and provides extensive performance data on the products in the catalog.

The benefits of cookie-free technology

Beyond the business impact Patyka was looking for in choosing Potions, the cookie-free technology was a key factor in the decision. Unlike traditional personalization solutions that send data to an external server via cookies, Potions uses only browser databases to store, analyze, enrich and activate browsing data locally, without sending data.

This innovative technology has several advantages:

→ For visitors to the Patyka website: they get an optimal and personalized experience with complete privacy. No personal data is collected or identified at any time.

→ For Patyka: they have a perennial solution that will not be impacted by changes in regulations or by the disappearance of cookies scheduled for 2024. From a technical point of view, this technology has the immense advantage of not slowing down the loading of the site thanks to the absence of calls to an external server.



-> 13% of visitors exposed to recommendations use them

-> users of recently viewed products spend twice as much as others


Teams free up time for other high-value projects by automating manual tasks.


An optimized and personalized shopping experience improves brand image.


Patyka is a pioneer brand in organic and natural cosmetics. In 2002, it became the first brand to be certified organic by Ecocert. The brand lives and breathes thanks to its unique vision of beauty, and is the originator of the first certified organic cosmetic and anti-aging products. All products are designed and manufactured from A to Z thanks to the unique know-how of cosmetic professionals and renowned craftsmen, guaranteeing the expertise, effectiveness and ethics of the products.


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