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The impact of cookie-free UX personalization in e-commerce: Mademoiselle bio's successful project to increase conversion rates and revenues.

+9,2 %
in sales
+1,9 %
of conversions
+6,5 %

average basket

Issues and Objectives

Mademoiselle bio is the market leader in certified organic cosmetics in France.
With the opening of some fifteen stores in recent years, the brand is now omnichannel, but its digital team retains the soul of a pureplayer with a culture of continuous optimization.

Cédric Gourgeon, e-commerce director at Mademoiselle bio, has always placed conversion optimization at the heart of his business, and even more so since the rise in acquisition costs that all e-tailers have been experiencing for several months now. Mademoiselle bio, which invests heavily in paid levers such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, is particularly concerned by this issue.


To continue generating growth, it has become crucial to make traffic investments profitable by converting as many visitors as possible into customers. By 2023, the company has set itself the target of increasing conversions by at least 20%, thanks to the personalization of its on-site customer journeys.

Personalized recommendations - e-merchandising Mademoiselle BIO

Cédric Gourgeon has been working with a long-standing player in the personalization market for several years, and is now looking to challenge its efficiency. With 2,500 references and 300,000 unique visitors per month, the choice of a high-performance solution is crucial, given the major impact of these personalization modules on the company's digital sales.


At the same time, the announced end of cookies and the regulatory context imposed by the CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) have led Cédric to question cookie-based technology.


It was against this backdrop that he contacted Potions, the only player on the market capable of personalizing online shopping paths without the use of cookies, and whose effectiveness has been demonstrated with over 70 e-tailers since 2020.

Mademoiselle BIO - Ecommerce case study
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1. Personalized recommendations

Initially, an AB test on personalized product recommendations is carried out to ensure that Potions outperforms the incumbent.

Potions recommendation blocks to cover every stage of the customer journey on the Mademoiselle. bio slite. Each location is animated by an algorithm adapted to the stage of the buying journey, to present visitors with the products most likely to interest them.

Convinced by Potions, Mademoiselle bio decided to roll out personalized product recommendations to 100% of its audience and launch the e-merchandising project.

Mademoiselle BIO e-commerce personalized product recommendations

2. E-merchandising

The aim is to reproduce on the Mademoiselle bio website a merchandising concept similar to that used in stores, with :

In concrete terms, on the site, it is a matter of reorganizing the order in which products are displayed in an intelligent manner. To do this, Potions calculates an ideal order for each category by making a weighted mix of multiple business and behavioral data.


Some examples of the data used:

Mademoiselle BIO smart product sorting

Product / Business Indicators :

Visitor Attributes :

Each category is uniquely processed to calculate the most relevant sort. The ranking is automatically modified on a daily basis to respect the sorting rules, guaranteeing the best possible relevance of the offer.

Implementation and management

With Potions handling both the intelligence of the solution and its front-end display on the site, Mademoiselle bio's teams spent little time on the project. In concrete terms, Mademoiselle bio had 5 actions to carry out to get the Potions experiments up and running:

Since Potions' business model involves no set-up fees or commitments, Mademoiselle bio is billed a fixed monthly fee by Potions.


At Mademoiselle BIO, the implementation of Potions' e-merchandising and personalized recommendation solutions had an immediate impact on three levels:

Performance Business

At the end of the three-month AB test conducted on personalized product recommendations, the group exposed to Potions generated significantly better performance than the group exposed to the recommendations of the incumbent player:
+9.2% in sales, representing a monthly margin gain of several tens of thousands of euros
+1.9% in conversions
+6.5% average basket

More fluid and relevant UX

The personalized product recommendation blocks and intelligent e-merchandising implemented at Mademoiselle bio take the place of in-store sales advisors. They guide, advise, recommend and help visitors find what they're looking for. The usefulness of these solutions is measurable in concrete terms: at Mademoiselle bio, for example, 50% of visitors exposed to the product recommendations displayed when adding a product to the shopping basket use them.

Brand image

Personalizing the user experience has become an essential element in the success of online commerce. Internet users now expect brands to provide an experience tailored to their needs, just like Netflix or Amazon. Brands that personalize generate greater satisfaction among visitors, who are inclined to spend more and whose loyalty will increase.

About Mademoiselle bio

Founded by organic beauty enthusiasts, Mademoiselle bio has built a solid reputation for offering solutions that respect nature and health. The brand stands out for its commitment to naturally sourced ingredients, eco-friendly manufacturing processes and an ethical approach.

Today, Mademoiselle bio accompanies wellness-conscious consumers in their beauty routine. With its wide range of certified products, from face and body care to hair care, Mademoiselle bio caters to those looking for sustainable options, without compromising on quality and efficacy.

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