Discover how Le Slip Français optimizes its online shopping experience and increases its online sales tenfold

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We don't need to introduce it anymore: Le Slip Français is the most emblematic of the French DNVB. The underwear and clothing brand owes its success to its 100% Made in France production, but also its great mastery of online commerce.


In 2022, the brand is pulling out all the stops to stay ahead of the game. In a context of rising acquisition costs, Le Slip Français decided to invest in conversion to make its traffic more profitable. 


Discover the strategies implemented by Le Slip Français to increase its online sales.

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We did not need to involve our IT. Potions adapted to our technical and design environment and immediately delivered incremental business performance.

Guillaume Dassonville E-commerce manager, Le Slip Français

About French underwear

Le Slip Français has been on a mission to reinvent the French textile industry with panache for 10 years. All of their products are carefully made within 250 km of your home. The entire manufacturing process is local, from the yarn to the final packaging and supplies. 


Le Slip Français has 80 partner workshops throughout France, produces 800,000 products per year and employs 300 people. 

More info on leslipfrancais.fr

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