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Find out how Biarritz Laboratories increased their average basket thanks to personalised product recommendations


the average number of items per basket increased by 9.6%


Visitors who use recommendations spend 1.5 times more


of site customers use recommendations in their shopping journey

Context and challenge

Experts in sun protection, Biarritz Laboratories have diversified over the years to offer complete ranges of care products dedicated to moisturizing, repairing, well-being and even babies. As the suncare category represents nearly 70% of the site's sales, the brand wanted to equip itself with a high-performance product recommendation engine to help visitors navigate through the various product ranges and thus improve cross-selling.

When the digital teams of Laboratoires de Biarritz contacted Potions, the e-shop already had a product recommendation solution that didn't meet all expectations:

The teams were looking for an all-in-one solution that offered automated recommendations, multiple display locations and a simple implementation that did not require any intervention from the IT department.

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Dimitri Cazenave, e-commerce manager of Laboratoires de Biarritz, decided to set up Potions' personalised product recommendation engine to replace his initial solution. 

He chose to display it in 3 different slots on the website in order to cover all stages of the customer journey and thus maximise the chances of additional purchases:

On product pages

Personalized recommendations to product pages

In a pop-up when adding to the cart

Personalized recommendations Pop up add to cart Biarritz Laboratory

On the shopping cart page

Personalized recommendations integrated in the Biarritz laboratory basket

The recommendation block that appears in the pop-up when a product is added to the cart is particularly effective because it is visible to 100% of customers without them having to scroll. In addition, it includes a bar indicating the amount that remains to be spent to benefit from free shipping, which encourages impulse purchases.

Regardless of location, the recommendation blocks include a direct add-to-cart button to make the shopping experience as easy as possible.

The algorithm used to generate these recommendations is collaborative filtering. This method is based on the site's transaction history and identifies the most frequently purchased products together. For example, if a user visits the product page for a facial sunscreen, the recommendation block will show them the lip balm that hundreds of other users have purchased with that model. The recommended products are always those that are most likely to appeal to the visitor.

Mockup smartphone Biarritz laboratory
Personalized recommendations e-shop laboratory of Biarritz

The mock-ups of the 3 recommendation blocks (desktop and mobile versions) were designed by the Potions team in full conformity with the Laboratoires de Biarritz graphic charter in order to fit in perfectly with the brand's visual identity.

The Laboratoires de Biarritz website is powered by Prestashop and compatible with all Potions solutions, which is the case with all CMS on the market. To install and activate the solution, the teams only had to install a tag using Google Tag Manager.


As soon as the recommendations module was installed on the site, the Laboratoires de Biarritz teams received access to the Potions performance monitoring platform, which allows them to track the impact of the potions on key KPIs in real time. In particular, it can be measured that :

Users are spending more

visitors who use personalised product recommendations spend 1.5 times more than others on average

More

the average number of items per basket increased by 9.6%

Improvement of the buying process

20% of the site's customers use personalised recommendations in their shopping journey

The Potions Lab also provides other features that help digital teams to better manage their e-commerce on a daily basis:


> Insights provide unprecedented data on the behavior of your site's visitors and give you insight into how to improve your revenues


> Benchmark allows you to compare your data to dozens of other e-commerce sites



About Biarritz Laboratories

Les Laboratoires de Biarritz is a French brand of cosmetics whose products are based on research using red algae extract. The company develops, designs and distributes suncare and skincare products. Founded in 2011 by Jean-Marc and Muriel Dubois, the head office is located in Biarritz.


The brand is distributed in drugstores, organic shops and beauty salons, but it also has its own e-commerce website with strong growth ambitions. 


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