Find out how J'aime J'aime has increased its revenue per user thanks to Propulse.



Revenue per returning visitor was multiplied

by 2.6


13% of visitors who return to the site use

The challenge

J'aime J'aime is a designer jewelry rental site available by subscription. The brand offers a customized service that begins with a questionnaire to be filled out during the first visit in order to define the personalized profile of each customer. 

J'aime J'aime uses Potions to simplify the completion of the form, which is a crucial step in the site conversion process.

The solution

The J'aime J'aime teams decided to set up Propulse.

The solution offers Internet users who are just starting to create a profile, without going through the whole questionnaire, to take it up again during their next visit.

When a visitor comes back to the J'aime J'aime site after not having completed the form, a message is displayed suggesting that he or she resume the creation of his or her profile. All the fields already filled in are kept. The visitor resumes his questionnaire exactly where he had interrupted it.

We proposed to J'aime J'aime a hitherto unpublished version of the Propulse button: The design in banner format was conceived to adapt to the graphic universe of the brand.

The result

Thanks to Propulse, the experience on the J'aime J'aime website is more fluid. At the end of the test, the revenue per returning visitor was multiplied by 2.6. The team therefore decided to subscribe to the solution and generalize it to the entire audience.

The benefits of Propulse

  • Reduces the number of steps before conversion
  • Saves completed and non-validated forms
  • Improves the visitor experience

J'aime J'aime

Founded in 2017, J'aime J'aime revolutionizes the jewelry industry by creating the first jewelry rental service.


Through this innovative concept, Colomba and Caroline, co-founders of J'aime J'aime, wish to make designer jewelry accessible to all and encourage more responsible consumption.

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