Find out how Alltricks increased its average order value instantly with Potions


Potions boosted the average order value by +5%.


Potions boosted revenue per user by +7%.


Potions boosted conversions by +2%.

Issues and Objectives

When Valentin Calais, Alltricks' UX and conversion manager, contacted Potions, he was looking to optimize two aspects of Alltricks' website UX:

1 - Product recommendations

The site already had a product recommendation module but the rules for displaying these recommendations were managed manually by the teams. In addition to requiring a lot of configuration time, the efficiency of the recommendations was not optimal because they were not based on any data. 

Also, the loading time of the recommendations was too long, which impacted the performance of the website.

And finally, the website only provided recommendations on desktop to avoid compromising the user experience on mobile.

2 - The buying process

The site sells more than 50,000 products, a large proportion of which are high-value products that often require several visits before being purchased (bicycles, electronic equipment, home training, etc.).

Alltricks' teams are looking for a solution to make the buying process more fluid and simpler in order to increase the conversion rate.

Alltrick site mockup phone

Potions quickly paid off from a business point of view. We immediately saw a growth in our KPIs. I particularly appreciated how easy it was to set it up on the Alltricks website.

Valentin Calais UX & CRO Manager, Alltricks


1. Product recommendations

To meet the challenges of product recommendation, the personalized recommendation solution is implemented on the Alltricks site.

The chosen recommendation block is presented as a pop-up that appears as soon as a product is added to the cart, both on desktop and on mobile. This location is particularly effective because it is visible to 100% of customers without them having to scroll. The recommended products that are displayed can be added directly to the cart from the pop-up, while taking into account the crossed out prices, stock level and size selection.

The algorithm used to generate these recommendations is collaborative filtering. This method is based on the transaction history of the site and identifies the most frequently purchased products together. For example, if a user adds a mountain bike to his cart, the solution will recommend accessories (helmets, gloves, maintenance products, etc.) that thousands of other users have purchased with this item. 

2. The resumption of the course

To meet the challenges of simplifying the purchasing process, the Alltricks site is equipped with a solution for the recovery of the process.

The site offers a large catalog of products with sometimes complex characteristics that require careful study. For the visitor, the navigation on the site can thus require several sessions of research before making his choice.

A call to action is displayed when a visitor returns to the site without having converted. When they arrive on the home page, they are offered to resume their search where they left off the last time, with a precise message adapted to their last action on the site. Regardless of where they were on the site (category page, product page, checkout page), the call-to-action brings the visitor as close as possible to conversion.

Just like the product recommendation block, the design of the call-to-action was developed by Potions to match Alltricks' graphic identity. 

As for the setup of the solution, the same tag was used to activate the product recommendation and last session recovery.


As soon as the Potions were installed on the site, the Alltricks teams received their access to the Potions performance tracking platform, which allows them to track the impact of the Potions on key KPIs in real time. Among other things, it measures that:

Revenue per user

revenue per user increased by +7%.

average order value

the average basket has increased by +5%.

Conversion rate

conversions increased by +2%.

The Potions Lab also provides other features that help digital teams to better manage their e-commerce on a daily basis:


About Alltricks

Alltricks is a French online shop created in 2008 and specialised in the sale of cycling and running products.

A leader in its sector, the website markets more than 50,000 products and has more than 2 million visits per month. In 2019, Alltricks was acquired by Decathlon.

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