Bring your visitors closer to conversion

Propulse makes the purchase process shorter by suggesting to returning visitors to resume their last navigation.


Our clients have measured up to +20% revenue growth per returning visitor thanks to Propulse

Less clicks, more sales

A simple button to boost conversions

On average a visitor comes three to five times to a website before making a purchase. 

Thanks to Propulse, when a visitor comes back to a website after a discovery visit, a button is displayed to suggest him to resume his navigation exactly from where he had stopped during his previous visit.

In one click, the visitor retrieves the form he had pre-filled or the search he had started.

A custom feature

The redirection scenarios are programmed upstream according to the specificities of your user experience. 

Each visitor will see a precise message adapted to his last action on the site.

Propulse's design is adapted to each site so as to integrate perfectly with the graphic identity.

Everything is customizable: messages, typography, colors, positioning and formats.

A high-performance feature

Thanks to our cookieless technology, the data is locally stored on the visitor's browser and our features instantly load and run.
Our tag loads asynchronously after the other resources and has no impact on the loading of the site.

Propulse in action

on our customers' websites

Find out how Propulse improves our customers' revenues

Wonderbox is the European leader in gift boxes.

Revenue generated by returning visitors increased by +6%.

Chauteauform révolutionne les séminaires d'entreprises

Les visiteurs qui utilisent Propulse convertissent 2.6 fois plus que les autres.

J'aime J'aime offers jewelry boxes for rent on a subscription basis.

Propulse has multiplied by 2.6 the revenue generated by mobile users.

You have nothing to lose

Ultra-fast set up.
Instant results.

ultra-fast set up.
Instant results.


According to your challenges and objectives, we setup the solution. Then we will provide you with a simple tag to put in the code of your site.


Once the tag is placed, the solution is instantly activated.

No human intervention is required for the potions to work optimally.


The impact of the potions is transparently measured directly in Google Analytics: we send events that track the interactions between your visitors and our solutions.

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