Show your visitors all the products that have caught their attention

A sticky bar displays to your visitors the list of products they have viewed throughout their journey to make browsing easier.


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A smart reminder that boosts sales and improves the shopping experience

On e-commerce websites with a large number of products, visitors spend a lot of time browsing and visit many product pages.

As they go through the website, several items will catch their attention but not necessarily be put in their shopping cart. 

Displaying the list of products viewed helps visitors to keep an accessible record of the items they have liked, making it easier to compare and decide.

At the end of the journey, this reminder will naturally encourage the user to complete his basket before checking out.


On desktop, the product list is displayed in a sticky bar at the bottom of the screen. 

To facilitate the user experience, the displayed products can be added to the cart directly from the bar, even when there are size and color variations. 

All relevant product information (price, promotion, colour, category, etc.) can also be displayed. 

On mobile, the recently viewed products are included in the product pages so as not to weigh down the UX.

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Let us work
for you

No resources will be mobilized at your place so that you can benefit from the recently consulted products. We define the display rules together beforehand, and our team of graphic designers and developers develop your customized experience in strict compliance with your graphic charter. All you have to do is to place a tag to activate it.

Knitting is a relaxing activity for our customers and we want their experience on the Phildar website to be just like their practice: pleasant, intuitive and fluid. This is exactly what Potions has allowed us to do through the implementation of its UX customization solutions.

Emmanuelle conte
Emmanuelle Conte E-commerce manager, Phildar

We had a simple tag to set up so as to activate the Potions solutions and measure their value transparently. We have recently implemented the last viewed products reminder in addition to the last session recovery solution, which is producing excellent results.

Karim Khouider Chief Digital Officer, Acuitis Group

Potions has become an essential partner in our digital development. In a few weeks, the team developed the solutions without my intervention. The UX is much better and this is reflected in the turnover generated by the site.

Pierre Charpentier Founding Director, Le Club Led

Find out how recently viewed products
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