Boost your conversions and collect emails with ultra-targeted pop-ups

Our behavioral targeting technology triggers pop-ups only to those visitors most likely to engage, and at the best time in their buying journey.

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Don't let undecided visitors leave your site

Pop-ups are an extremely effective retention and conversion lever in e-commerce, as long as they are well targeted so as not to degrade the experience.


Potions identifies in real time the visitors who have the lowest probability of converting thanks to navigation scenarios defined on the basis of your historical data (number of page views, time spent on each page, mouse movement, etc.).

Once identified, a pop-up window is triggered and displays an offer to convince them to take action:






Payment in
several times

Reassurance messages


Generate more subscriptions
to your newsletters

First-party data is becoming the lifeblood of e-commerce. Pop-ups that offer a discount in exchange for an email address are a great way to enrich your prospect base and engage them later on through emailing.

Let us work
for you

No resources will be mobilized at your place so that you can benefit from our pop-ups. We define the display scenarios and messages together beforehand, and our team of graphic designers and developers develop your custom pop-ups in strict compliance with your graphic charter. All you have to do is place a tag to activate it.

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In addition to saving us precious time through automation, Potions brings intelligence to our merchandising through extremely fine and relevant rules.

Dorian Candavoine Digital Director, Balibaris

The Potions teams take care of everything: they have shown great flexibility and availability throughout the project and on a daily basis. Their "customer-oriented" approach allowed us to integrate into our sites "seamless" recommendation widgets (respect of the graphic charter, deduplication of duplicate products, promotional labels...), in which their algorithm also takes into account very advanced Jacadi rules.

Delphine Audibert Digital Director, Jacadi

Potions has quickly grasped the challenges of our market and our specificities, and provides us with adapted features that are simple to integrate and that boost the revenues of our websites.

Emile Doumenc Digital & E-commerce Director, Wonderbox

We did not need to involve our IT. Potions adapted to our technical and design environment and immediately delivered incremental business performance.

Guillaume Dassonville E-commerce manager, Le Slip Français

Tested and approved! Potions now offers really relevant product recommendations on the Laboratoires de Biarritz website. The impacts are very significant on the conversion rate and AOV, but also on our customers' satisfaction. The cookieless technology is a real plus.

Dimitri Cazenave E-commerce manager, Biarritz Laboratories

Potions quickly paid off from a business point of view. We immediately saw a growth in our KPIs. I particularly appreciated how easy it was to set it up on the Alltricks website.

Valentin Calais UX & CRO Manager, Alltricks

Discover how targeted pop-ups
improve the performance of e-tailers


Edge computing for the web: a revolution in progress

The GDPR and browser restrictions combat cookies and the centralization of behavioral data, which pose a risk to privacy and the environment. Edge computing offers a responsible alternative for websites that need to personalize their visitors' experience.
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Propulse: fewer clicks, more sales!

On average, customers come to a website three to five times before making a purchase. There are many very good reasons for this type of behavior (we will try to analyze them in a future article). Indecision, need to compare or test the product in physical stores, loss of connection, closing the browser...

Automatic login: reduce the drop at check-out

On most websites, whether they are commercial or not, visitors are invited to create a user account. This is usually done by means of a working e-mail, i.e. one from which the user can actually click on an individual link, and a more or less complex password.
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Improving web effectiveness: the Potions method (1/2)

Many digital projects aim to transform data into value. To be transformed into value, data necessarily goes through several stages. It becomes information, which triggers actions that can create value. At Adequa, we have deduced a simple method to help our clients improve the efficiency of their website.