Boost your average basket

Multiply recommends to your visitors the most relevant products at the best time.


Our customers have measured a growth in their revenues of up to +10% thanks to Multiply.

Offer your visitors
the best online shopping experience

Automated recommendations that respond to your business challenges

Our algorithm scans your site's sales history to identify the products that are most frequently purchased together. Multiply anticipates the desires of your visitors and recommends complementary products that are likely to please them.

Our recommendations can also consider other rules (similar products, products already seen, new products, promotions, price levels, margin levels...) to best meet your challenges.

An incentive tool

Our features shows the remaining amount to be spent to benefit from free shipping, and triggers additional purchases. 

Les recommandations affichent aussi les promotions et prix barrés en vigueur.

Recommendations are displayed all along the customer journey

Product recommendations can be displayed at different points in the shopping journey:

Our customers often prefer the pop-up add-to-cart format that shows recommendations to 100% of customers without scrolling. 

A high-performance feature

Thanks to our cookieless technology, the data is locally stored on the visitor's browser and our features instantly load and run.
Our tag loads asynchronously after the other resources and has no impact on the loading of the site.

Multiply in action

on our customers' websites

Find out how Multiply improves our customers' revenues

You have nothing to lose

Ultra-fast set up.
Instant results.

ultra-fast set up.
Instant results.


According to your challenges and objectives, we setup the solution. Then we will provide you with a simple tag to put in the code of your site.


Once the tag is placed, the solution is instantly activated.

No human intervention is required for the potions to work optimally.


The impact of the potions is transparently measured directly in Google Analytics: we send events that track the interactions between your visitors and our solutions.

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