Simplicity and performance despite complexity: the Home Equipment Group's retex on UX personalization

+10 %
of visitors exposed to recommendations use them*.
+21 %
conversion rate on home page
+21 %

average basket on product pages

* figures based on the "Product Page" location on Bricomarché.fr between 19.6.23 and 9.9.23

Context & Challenges

The Groupement Équipement de la Maison ( Bricomarché, Brico Cash and Bricorama) currently has over 800 physical outlets across France. The Group stocks over 250,000 products, available not only in-store, but also via three online stores.

The ITM EM Group has defined two key objectives in the digital field:

To meet these objectives, the chosen strategy is to focus on optimizing conversion rates and making the customer journey more fluid and optimal.


To effectively meet these objectives, Jade David, Head of Customer Experience and Performance for the Home Equipment Group, sought an automated digital solution. That's how she came across Potions.

Personalized recommendations were the ideal solution. Until now, online recommendations had to be made manually by the group's teams, a tedious and inefficient task.



This personalized recommendation experience offers many advantages, such as rapid results in terms of conversion rates and average basket. This experience covers the entire purchasing journey, using different personalization models depending on what is at stake at each stage of the journey.

What's more, it works without using cookies, which is more respectful of privacy and more efficient from a technical, business and operational point of view.


The teams, reassured by the commitment-free business model and cookie-free technology, decided to integrate the product recommendations into the, and websites.

A tool that's very easy to implement and can do great things for e-tailers! Potions isn't just about growth kpis, it goes beyond that. We can't see ourselves without it today.

Jade David

Customer Experience & Performance Manager


> Customized product recommendations

Customized recommendations take into account the various specificities and adjust accordingly to :

A real challenge in terms of ultra-personalization, present throughout the entire shopping experience on all three sites. In all, this represents six locations on each of the online stores.

Each location is animated by a model adapted to the stage of the buying journey, to present visitors with the products most likely to interest them:

Home page

To ensure and optimize the performance of this site, the group's digital teams opted to create a test ABC, as shown below:

This test ensures site performance by including a segment not exposed to recommendations, while seeking to determine the best rule by pitting two other segments against each other.

Product page

On product pages, the aim of recommendations is to ensure that visitors find what they're looking for. Here, the main algorithm presents products from similar products by store, supplemented by best sellers in the store category, added to best sellers in the marketplace category and finally cumulated with those from similar products at 10% price. 

Obviously, the product currently being viewed by the visitor is automatically excluded from the selection of products presented. The aim is to enable the visitor to consult and compare a selection of products that may correspond to his or her needs, thus maximizing the chances of conversion.

Add to cart pop-up & cart page

Both locations follow identical instructions, i.e. to highlight products usually purchased during the same session as the product added to the basket.

This strategy aims to demonstrate to visitors that their needs and objectives have been fully taken into account, by offering them a selection of products that may prove necessary following their purchase.


This approach maximizes opportunities to encourage visitors to add more products to their basket before finalizing their order.


It is based on an understanding of customer needs and preferences, reinforcing and enhancing the user experience.

Page without search results & 404

Implementing relevant recommendations on these pages proves complex, given that it's impossible to know the visitor's needs. That's why the Home Equipment Group's digital teams have chosen to highlight a selection of the best-selling products over the last fourteen days.

By highlighting products with high conversion potential, it's likely that, like the majority of visitors, the latter will also show an interest in these products. This could awaken new needs in the visitor, prompting him or her to continue browsing the site and, potentially, to make a purchase.

> Additional features

These features also make for a smoother user experience.

The quick add to cart button, for example, will encourage the impulse to add to the cart.

Reviews, the salesperson and the energy label are reassuring elements that play an essential role in the visitor's decision.

Highlighting stock can create a sense of urgency, encouraging visitors to make a purchase more quickly than expected.


Finally, the display of the percentage discount, the price before and after the discount and the novelty badges are designed to attract visitors and make them realize that they are benefiting from a special offer.

The login is executed without any action from the visitor and all information is automatically pre-filled, thus promoting maximum conversions.

Implementation and management

The Potions web design team meticulously crafted the design of the recommendation blocks to harmonize perfectly with the aesthetics of the signage. Thanks to a preview link, teams from the Home Equipment group had the opportunity to visualize the integration of the recommendations in the real context of the site before their deployment in production.

To ensure optimal operation, Potions establishes a connection with Analytics tools (Google Analytics, AT Internet, Matomo, Piwik Pro...). This enables the experience to adjust according to visitor transactions and behaviors, in real time.

L'Équipement de la Maison, a customer of Lengow, a product flow management platform capable of handling large volumes of products, simply had to supply its Lengow flow to Potions for the proper implementation of personalized recommendations. This collaboration streamlined the process, ensuring the accuracy and regular updating of product information and data, a crucial advantage given the breadth of the Home Furnishings product catalog. Direct access to the optimized feed via Lengow has enabled Potions to focus on improving the user experience and online conversion. Regular queries of the feed, every 2 hours, ensure that recommendations are always relevant and up-to-date, maximizing the effectiveness of the optimization strategy implemented. In concrete terms, the Home Furnishings Group's teams only had to carry out 5 actions to get Potions up and running:

The group benefits from ongoing support from the moment it goes live, with personalized follow-up by a Customer Success Manager. Monthly follow-up meetings are organized to review performance and adjust strategy accordingly.

Immediately after implementing the personalized recommendations solution, the Home Equipment Group's digital teams gained access to Potions' performance tracking platform. This platform offers the following functionalities:

The benefits of cookie-free technology

Over and above the business impact that the Home Equipment group was looking for in choosing Potions, the cookie-free technology was a decisive point in the decision. Unlike traditional personalization solutions that send data to an external server via cookies, Potions uses only browser databases to store, analyze, enrich and activate browsing data locally, without sending any data.

This innovative technology has several advantages:

→ For visitors to the Équipement de la Maison Group site: they benefit from an optimal, personalized experience in complete confidentiality. No personal data is collected or identified at any time.

→ For the Home Equipment group: they have a future-proof solution that will not be impacted by changes in regulations or by the disappearance of cookies scheduled for 2024. From a technical point of view, this technology has the immense advantage of not slowing down site loading thanks to the absence of calls to an external server.



10% of visitors exposed to recommendations use them*.


Teams free up time for other high value-added projects (product, brand, operations, etc.)


An optimized, personalized shopping experience that enhances brand image

* figures based on the "Product Page" location on Bricomarché.fr between 19.6.23 and 9.9.23

Use case ITM EM

About Groupe Équipement de la Maison

Groupe Équipement de la Maison brings together three specialist DIY and home improvement banners. An integral part of the Les Mousquetaires group, Bricomarché, Brico Cash and Bricorama form the Groupe Équipement de la Maison, representing over 800 physical outlets. Each of these three banners has its own online store, with a total of over 250,000 product references in the DIY, home furnishings and gardening categories.


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