Help your visitors find the products they have been looking at.

Flashback facilitates the navigation by displaying to your visitors the list of products they have consulted throughout their journey, during the same session.

Don't miss an opportunity to
generate additional purchases

A reminder to boost sales

On e-commerce websites that offer a large catalog of products, visitors spend a lot of time surfing from one page to another.

 As they browse, several items will catch their attention without necessarily being put in the cart. 

Thanks to flashback, the visitor keeps an easily accessible trace of each article consulted during his session.

 At checkout, flashback naturally encourages the visitor to complete his cart with items he liked.

A discreet bar that enhances the experience

To facilitate the user experience, displayed products can be added to the cart directly from the Flashback bar. 

All relevant product information (price, promo, color, category...) can also be included. 

Flashback's design is tailored to each site so that it fits perfectly with the graphic identity. 

A high-performance feature

Thanks to our cookie-less technology, the data is stored locally on the visitor's browser and our solutions run instantly. 

Our tag loads asynchronously after the other resources and has no impact on the site loading.

Flashback in action

on our customers' websites

Découvrez comment Flashback améliore les revenus de nos clients

Direct Optic is the French leader in online sales of optical products.

Les internautes qui utilisent Flashback ont un panier moyen supérieur de 14%.

Phildar est la marque N°1 en Europe du fil à tricoter.

les utilisateurs de Flashback ont dépensé 2.1 fois plus que les autres.

You have nothing to lose

Ultra-fast set up.
Instant results.

ultra-fast set up.
Instant results.


According to your challenges and objectives, we setup the solution. Then we will provide you with a simple tag to put in the code of your site.


Once the tag is placed, the solution is instantly activated.

No human intervention is required for the potions to work optimally.


The impact of the potions is transparently measured directly in Google Analytics: we send events that track the interactions between your visitors and our solutions.

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