Increase the number of logged in users

Connect simplifies the customer journey and improves the quality of your data by logging your visitors automatically.


Our customers have measured up to +24% growth in logged-in visits thanks to Connect.

Make the most of your visitors

the login step is a major sticking point in the buying process

When a visitor forgets his password, he may be tempted to interrupt his navigation or even abandon his basket. Connect makes the journey smoother thanks to automatic login.

Visitors who have saved their passwords in their browser, and who have left the site without logging out, are automatically logged-in. 

Our tag collects the logins and passwords saved in the browser, and performs the login without any action from the visitor.

An enriched customer database

Authentication of users facilitates the consenting sharing of their information. By maximizing the rate of logged sessions, your CRM is fed with high quality data.

This database will help you to better target, to better personalize your offers, to better know your customers and to interact with them in a more relevant way.

A high-performance feature

Thanks to our cookieless technology, the data is locally stored on the visitor's browser and our features instantly load and run.
Our tag loads asynchronously after the other resources and has no impact on the loading of the site.

Découvrez comment Connect améliore les revenus de nos clients

Leon & Harper est une marque de prêt-à-porter française.

Les internautes qui utilisent Connect ont un taux de conversion supérieur de 12%.

Phildar est la marque N°1 en Europe du fil à tricoter.

Les utilisateurs de Connect ont généré 13,6% des revenus du site

You have nothing to lose

ultra-fast set up.
Instant results.

Ultra-fast set up.
Instant results.


According to your challenges and objectives, we setup the solution. Then we will provide you with a simple tag to put in the code of your site.


Once the tag is placed, the solution is instantly activated.

No human intervention is required for the potions to work optimally.


The impact of the potions is transparently measured directly in Google Analytics: we send events that track the interactions between your visitors and our solutions.

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