The secrets of intelligent & automated e-merchandising

Increase in the conversion rate compared to the previous year
Time saving for Balibaris teams without manual sorting

Improved user experience and brand image

Issues and Objectives

The famous men's ready-to-wear brand was launched in 2010 on the web and was one of the first French DNVBs. It quickly developed a large network of stores in France and abroad, with a particular focus on the customer experience in store.

When Dorian Candavoine took over as digital director of Balibaris in 2022, his priority was to accelerate the growth of the brand's online sales, in particular by providing its e-shop with an experience as accomplished as that of the store.

To improve the UX of Balibaris. com, he decided to work on e-merchandising, which was then managed manually by the teams via the Shopify back office. The idea was to equip himself with a solution capable of bringing intelligence to merchandising to considerably improve the relevance of the product offer presented on the site.


Dorian also wants to automate its merchandising so as to relieve its teams of time-consuming sorting tasks and allow them to focus on higher value-added projects.


In addition to saving us precious time through automation, Potions brings intelligence to our merchandising through extremely fine and relevant rules.

Dorian Candavoine Digital Director, Balibaris


As the Balibaris website is already equipped with Potions' personalized recommendation blocks, the new e-merchandising solution is offered as a preview to the brand.

The objective is to reproduce on the Balibaris site a merchandising concept similar to the one implemented in the store with :

In concrete terms, on the site, it is a matter of reorganizing the order in which products are displayed in an intelligent manner. To do this, Potions calculates an ideal order for each category by making a weighted mix of multiple business and behavioral data.

Example of data used:

Product / Business Indicators :

Visitor Attributes :

In concrete terms, on the site, it is a matter of reorganizing the order in which products are displayed in an intelligent manner. To do this, Potions calculates an ideal order for each category by making a weighted mix of multiple business and behavioral data.


Each category is treated uniquely to calculate the most relevant sort. For example, in the sock category, recency (the newness of the product) will have less impact than in the T-shirt category.

Below are some examples of dynamic rules that have been implemented at Balibaris:

Beyond the organization of products within the list pages, Potions is also able to manage the ordering of certain messages. Below for example, shirts are organized by material (flannel, cotton, velvet...) and to help the visitor navigate in the category, an insert introduces the material of the products displayed next:

Implementation and management

The Balibaris website is developed under Shopify. Until then, the teams were piloting the ordering of collections using the CMS back-office, which offers relatively simple sorting rules (best sellers, new products, ...).
To work, Potions connects to existing Analytics tools, in this case Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics. Based on historical transactions and audience behaviors for each category, Potions runs its models and implements them directly into Shopify. Shopify's historical collections are simply replaced with Potions' smart collections.

Potions Lab

E-merchants have access to a platform that allows them to create or modify their collections easily and then implement them directly on the site.


The platform also allows you to measure the results of collections and provides extensive performance data on the products in the catalog.


At Balibaris, the implementation of the Potions e-merchandising solution had immediate impacts on three levels:

Performance Business

The site recorded a significantly higher conversion rate than last year at the same time, even without sales and promotions. To determine exactly how much e-merchandising has contributed to this, an AB test is planned for 2023.


Balibaris' digital teams are relieved of sorting actions that are now automated, and can therefore devote themselves to higher value-added projects, thus improving their productivity and fulfillment.

Brand image

The intelligent sorting of collections as well as the implementation of Potions' personalized recommendation blocks have significantly improved the experience on the Balibaris site. Visitors are seduced by a relevant assortment and find more easily what they came for.


About Balibaris

Balibaris is a men's ready-to-wear brand created in 2010. Positioned on the niche of "affordable luxury", Balibaris made its debut with a collection of ties only sold online. Its founder, Paul Szczerba, has the idea to deposit some of them at Canal+, for the Grand Journal, which will be immediately worn by Yann Barthès and several members of his team.

This unexpected success strengthens the partners in the idea of creating complete collections of clothing as well as swimwear, shoes and accessories (caps, underwear, leather goods...).

Today, the Balibaris brand dresses urban men looking for timelessness, elegance and quality. The brand was first successful online and then through its sixty or so points of sale in France and abroad.

More info on balibaris.com

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