Automatic login experience

Automatic authentication

Streamline the buying process and enrich your customer data

Automatically identify visitors who have a customer account to facilitate orders and improve the quality of your CRM data. 

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Eliminate login friction

When visitors forget their password, they are tempted to stop browsing or even abandon their shopping cart.

By automatically logging visitors with a customer account, you will limit the number of abandoned carts and simplify check-out. 

Our tag retrieves the login and password stored in the browser, but also all the information that was entered when the account was created (delivery address, billing address, etc.). The login is executed without any action from the visitor and all the information is automatically pre-filled in order to promote maximum conversions.


Improve the quality
of your CRM data

User login encourages visitors to share their information in a voluntary way. Increasing the rate of logged-in visits feeds your CRM with more valuable data.

This database will allow you to better target and personalise your offers, to better know your customers and to interact with them.

In addition to saving us precious time through automation, Potions brings intelligence to our merchandising through extremely fine and relevant rules.

Dorian Candavoine Digital Director, Balibaris

The Potions teams take care of everything: they have shown great flexibility and availability throughout the project and on a daily basis. Their "customer-oriented" approach allowed us to integrate into our sites "seamless" recommendation widgets (respect of the graphic charter, deduplication of duplicate products, promotional labels...), in which their algorithm also takes into account very advanced Jacadi rules.

Delphine Audibert Digital Director, Jacadi

Potions has quickly grasped the challenges of our market and our specificities, and provides us with adapted features that are simple to integrate and that boost the revenues of our websites.

Emile Doumenc Digital & E-commerce Director, Wonderbox

We did not need to involve our IT. Potions adapted to our technical and design environment and immediately delivered incremental business performance.

Guillaume Dassonville E-commerce manager, Le Slip Français

Tested and approved! Potions now offers really relevant product recommendations on the Laboratoires de Biarritz website. The impacts are very significant on the conversion rate and AOV, but also on our customers' satisfaction. The cookieless technology is a real plus.

Dimitri Cazenave E-commerce manager, Biarritz Laboratories

Potions quickly paid off from a business point of view. We immediately saw a growth in our KPIs. I particularly appreciated how easy it was to set it up on the Alltricks website.

Valentin Calais UX & CRO Manager, Alltricks

Discover how automatic authentication
improves the performance of e-retailers

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